Quick transfer on-line

Platform for advanced and secure internet payments


International service which uses MasterCard solution,
enables quick, secure, easy to make money transfer, based on credit card system.

Thanks to this service We can make following type of transaction

  • From cash / bank account
    to MasterCard payment card
  • From MasterCard payment card
    to MasterCard payment card
  • From MasterCard payment card
    to cash / bank account

We can make domestic and cross-border transfers.

Receivers payment card is being credited within 30 minutes after sender orders money transfer. This service allows to save time and gives an opportunity to support bank account with cash without necessity of knowing bank account number. And a receiver doesn’t have to take any action to receive money transfer.

Card on File

Service which allows Merchants to offer in their applications quick and convenient method of payment
This method also keep clients payments cards, allows to manage them and authorise sessions. This is a solution for Merchants,
who wants to keep clients sensitive data in secured environment.

  • Simple to implementation via API, website or ready plug-ins
  • Owns PCI DSS certificated closed environment
  • Enables simple registration of clients cards with or without verification
  • Allows for quick payment via “one click” or CVC2/CVV2

Thanks to Card on File client will be able to open account in Merchant mobile application
in very easy way and also add a payment card with possibility of paying via it.


Plug-in InApp enables to pair clients account which they have in online shop/ application
with their MasterCard MasterPass mobile wallet.

InApp gives an opportunity to approve transaction via:

  • Connect Checkout
    Client, after clicking a button “Buy with MasterPass” will be forwarded to MasterPass wallet, where can approve payment,
  • Express Checkout
    Client, after clicking a button “Buy with MasterPass”, without pairing with wallet, automatically approve payment via “one click payment”